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31. 10. 2012


Although Halloween in Europe is mostly associated with America, this holiday is tied to old traditions and customs of the Celts. Better known as...
25. 10. 2012

Common Mistakes in English

SICK or ILL? Don’t say: He’s been sick for over a year. Say: He’s been ill for over a year. ! To be ill means to be in bad...
18. 10. 2012

Common Mistakes in English

CUSTOMER or CLIENT? Don’t say: That grocer has plenty of clients. Say: That grocer has plenty of customers. Don’t say: That lawyer...
13. 10. 2012

Should it be Dave or Boris?

Who represents the best hope for the future of the Conservative party - David Cameron or Boris Johnson? The Observer asked leading commentators
10. 10. 2012


The Munich (Germany, Bavaria) Oktoberfest, a festival held each year, traditionally, takes place during the sixteen days up to and including the...
3. 10. 2012

How to Be More Popular

How to Be More Popular Many people believe the route to success is to be interesting - to show off or act like someone else. For example, many...
27. 9. 2012

It is very important to KISS ...

In your written communication, especially in e-mails. Not in a romantic sense, but Keep It Short and Simple, or Keep It Simple, Stupid! This...
19. 9. 2012


Sentences starting with "I wish" or "If only" express wishes or regret. If only is slightly more formal and gives the wish or regret more...
16. 9. 2012

A Stubborn Terror

Bruce Riedel of Newsweek magazine comments on 9/11 anniversary
29. 10. 2012


Let us have a look at certain principles you should not omit when shaking hands
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